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Career Path Motivational Podcast

Are you looking for a new way to broaden your horizons and open yourself up to new career opportunities? Are you interested in a career path coaching podcast that can show you how to explore new avenues?

Even if you feel that you are starting out too late, don’t worry — no time is better than now to find a career that you love and that fulfills your needs. Whether you are a new college student or have been in the workforce for a few years, a career path motivational podcast can give you the tools you need for success.

Career Podcast

BradleyBasics offers a motivational podcast that can help you decide what you want to do with your life and can show you how to get there. Seann Bradley has over 23 years of experience as an engineer, life coach, and mentor. BradleyBasics is offered as a community service to help young adults pursue their passions.

If you are ready to embark on your career journey, have a listen to the podcast episodes below. To learn more about BradleyBasics career coaching services, email or fill out the contact form here on the website. We’re excited to help you take the next steps down your career path.

BradleyBasics Motivational Podcasts - Creating A Positive Impact

BradleyBasics Motivational Podcast #1

Overcoming personal and social obstacles to gain success!

BradleyBasics Motivational Podcast #2

The value of being financially responsible in Today's College Market!

BradleyBasics Podcast Channel - Season 1

BradleyBasics Podcast Channel (S1) Episode 2

Management Career Path Podcast - Paul Lenox discusses his career journey to "Field Operations Manager" building NYC Skyline!

BradleyBasics Podcast Channel (S1) Episode 3

Real Estate Career Path Podcast - Mike Shaheen discusses his career journey to "Real Estate Agent" through hard work and strong family business network!

Mike Shaheen contact information: - Cell (732) 567 5571

BradleyBasics Podcast Channel (S1) Episode 4

Management Career Path Podcast - Wyatt Mann discusses his career journey to "Key Accounts Manager - Great Lakes Region" through tenacity covering NYC & Washington DC Markets while obtaining a MBA

BradleyBasics Podcast Channel (S1) Episode 5

Management Career Path Podcast - Sheena Suvak discusses her career journey to "Senior Product Manager - High Alloys" through key roles, dual degree, MBA and high emotional intelligence!

BradleyBasics Podcast Channel (S1) Episode 6

Management Career Path Podcast - Don Haueter discusses his career journey to "Senior Construction Manager" through personal perseverance, hard work and strong engineering process knowledge!

BradleyBasics Podcast Channel (S1) Episode 7

Management Career Path Podcast - Daniel Hernandez discusses his career journey to "Project Manager - Great Lakes Region" through hard work, strong mentorship and passion for technical knowledge. Daniel also touches on the "Hernandez Real Estate Investment Model"!

BradleyBasics Podcast Channel (S1) Episode 8

Medical Doctor Career Path Podcast - Dr. Edward Craven, MD discusses his career journey to "ER Doctor" through inspiration at 8yrs Old from Grandfather, military service, discipline, hard work, and tenacity!

BradleyBasics Podcast Channel (S1) Episode 9

Medical Doctor Career Path Podcast - Dr. Molly Craven, MD discusses her career journey to "Family Medicine Owner" through inspiration at 6yrs Old from Uncle, strong mentorship, corporate medicine, hard work and tenacity!

BradleyBasics Podcast Channel (S1) Episode 10

Management Career Path Podcast - Mark DeLonge discusses his career journey to "Instructional Technology Coordinator" through passion for teaching, classroom leadership and caring for student success. Mark also touches on the untapped financial and educational value of community college!

BradleyBasics Podcast Channel (S1) Episode 11

Executive Management Career Path Podcast - Rob DeLonge discusses his career journey to "V.P. of Bank and Trust" through strong management training program, influential mentors, continues learning and a passion for helping families with their financial needs!

BradleyBasics Podcast Channel (S1) Episode 12

Entrepreneur Career Path Podcast - Jason Spaulding discusses his over 20yrs career journey to "Owner & CEO of Brewery Vivant" through passion of beer creation, community & employee focus, and high customer service!

BradleyBasics Podcast Channel (S1) Episode 13

Executive Management Career Path Podcast - Richard Seif discusses his over 40Yr career journey to "Senior V.P of Global Marketing" through passion for blending manufacturing & marketing, influential mentors, global solution selling, and must importantly treating people with integrity!

BradleyBasics Podcast Channel (S1) Episode 14

Professional Actor Career Path Podcast - Greg Connors discusses his career journey to "Professional Actor" through State of Theater & Voice Over Market, diversity of acting skills, overcoming obstacles with continuous learning, developing long term goals & your brand and value of integrity

BradleyBasics Podcast Channel (S1) Episode 15

BradleyBasics Season 1 "Thank You" plus thoughts on "Truth" - Special "Thank You" to Paul Lenox, Mike Shaheen, Wyatt Mann, Sheena Suvak, Don Haueter, Daniel Hernandez, Dr. Edward Craven, Dr. Molly Craven, Mark DeLonge, Rob DeLonge, Jason Spaulding, Richard Seif and Greg Connors

BradleyBasics Podcast Channel - Season 2

BradleyBasics Podcast Channel (S2) Episode 1

Professional Hockey Player / Mechanical Engineer Career Path Podcast - Tim Clifton discusses his career journey to "Professional Hockey Player / Mechanical Engineer" through "Young Leadership" gained by strong father mentoring, Quinnipiac D1 Hockey Coaching, and must importantly, Integrity created by a humble steadfast work ethic!