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BradleyBasics Podcast Channel S2 E3: Financial Freedom, “Career Confidential” Author, Investopedia Writer Career Path

Mark Kolakowski discusses his career journey to “Financial Freedom, “Career Confidential” Author, Investopedia Writer” through self-evaluation & planning method gained by strong father mentoring, family friend guidance, Regis High School, Harvard Economics A.B. / Wharton M.B.A, Navigating Corporate Culture, and must importantly, Courage and Means to change created by a humble steadfast work ethic!

“Career Confidential”

Table of Content

Ch1: So, What is Business? Ch13: Careers in Sales

Ch2: Know Thyself Ch14: Careers in Compliance

Ch3: Liberal Arts and M.B.A Ch15: Careers in Human Resources

Ch4: Whom You Know or What You Know? Ch16: Careers in Management Consulting

Ch5: Office Politics Ch17: Careers in Management Science

Ch6: I’ll Get Back to You in a Week Ch18: Careers in Information Technology

Ch7: Finding A Job Ch19: Careers in Corporate Communications

Ch8: Corporate Culture Ch20: Careers in International Business

Ch9: A Taxonomy of Careers Ch21: Careers in Nonprofit Sector

Ch10: Careers in Finance Ch22: Careers in Government Sector

Ch11: Careers in Financial Service Ch23: Errors of Their Ways

Ch12: Careers in Marketing Ch24: Redefining Your Job

Ch25: Last Paycheck

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