About BradleyBasics


Right Guidance...

At BradleyBasics our passion is to help the next generation of young adults build their careers.

We believe that the right guidance at the right time will build one's life or career.

Too many times in one's life or career, success is not reached because it is never attempted.

The reasoning behind that unwillingness to try comes in many forms, lack of courage, fear of failure, the past.

BradleyBasics "Doing Builds Confidence" process will teach you that no step is too small, not to fear failure, the past is a source of strength, and self-motivation is created by the willingness to try!


My Passion

With 23 years of experience as an engineer from Michigan State University, I decided to give back. I share my passion by helping the next generation of young adults.


A Community Service

We are a community service that genuinely cares about your success. Your accomplishments will create a positive impact on your life and those in your community as well.